The O.R.I.G.E.M. Chronicles

Chp. 3 Pg. 03

Date Posted: September 5th, 2017, 11:15 am

Author Notes

Sorry I'm a day late guys! Labor Day was way busy :0


don't know what that is, but everyone has a right to be late!! There's even a day for late people! (i'm always late for work, so I loved there's a day for me eheh)
Those. purple. thunders... LOL
so.. a little critic, sometimes your style changes a bit and the drawings look a little more sloppy..since I've seem some pretty good drawings and colorings by you, i know you can make good art, so maybe it's lack of time? on my opinion, if you don't have time to achieve what you want, give yourself another day to make it as good as always. It's not like we fans won't understand it :), we like, we wait. my opinion, of course, it's worth what it's worth...
buu, no new updates? :(