The O.R.I.G.E.M. Chronicles

Chp. 2 Pg. 10

Date Posted: August 10th, 2017, 6:35 pm

Author Notes

I feel like a sketchy motel would be even worse after the night Sophie has had..


She thinks about this just now? That looks like Bates Motel, you know the one from Hitcock's Psycho.
@maeriyong: Sophie is definitely the type to act first think later haha, and it totally does look like that! xD
can't really blame her, after the adrenaline rush, your senses go a little off and now they get back to normal and she thinks wow, maybe this wasn't such a good idea... If there were even more shadows then you'd have an even creepier setting *_*
(proofreading is important - money :P)
@di-chan: very true! and thanks, it's now fixed! It's amazing how I can read these pages over 5 or 6 times and still have something slip by.
Totally understand you, when I wrote fanfics it was like that too, I ended up getting one habit, proofing after finishing, and then again the next day, I found it better to detect mistakes after one night sleep since I'm not a native English speaker :)